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Not for Warmth Alone
Throughout history, quilts were not only made for warmth, but also for many others reasons. Using women’s diaries, journals, letters and stories, listen to the voices of the women as they tell why they quilted and what quilting has meant to them.

Join author, quiltmaker and long-time instructor, Deborah Gordon, on a journey of discovery. This PowerPoint presentation tells the history of several quilts and their quiltmakers. Deborah will also share quilts and their stories from her collection.

This entertaining, moving and historical lecture will connect you with the makers of these quilts. And you will be touched as you hear the stories and the hearts of the women behind the quilts.

Lullabies in Cloth: Baby Quilts of the Past
With Co-lecturer – Helen Frost

Join authors, Deborah Gordon and Helen Frost as they trace the history of cradle and crib quilts. By sharing quilts from their collections, they will show how baby quilts have changed through the years.

As the attitudes toward children and their care changed, so did the crib quilts. With excerpts from women’s diaries, journals and historical records, you will hear bittersweet stories and memories of what childbirth and child rearing was like in the past.

This entertaining, touching and humorous lecture will give you a new appreciation for the makers of these small, sweet quilts – lullabies in cloth.

Teach the Girls to Sew
Sewing has been a life-sustaining skill throughout history, yet it still became a treasured pastime. Learn how mothers and other family members taught “the girls” to sew across many cultures and times as Deborah traces sewing through history.

Tools of the Trade
Fabric, thread, scissors, needles, thimbles, and sewing machines. All are ‘Tools of the Trade’ for those of us who quilt and sew. Today they are readily available and in abundance, but this wasn’t always the case. Follow their history as Deborah traces their beginnings and development, sprinkled with anecdotes associated with these treasures.

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  • Yorba Linda School District – several campuses – Quilting History and Quilting for Kids
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